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Camphor essential oil

Camphor essential oil

September 22, 2017
Anti-inflammatory, soothing, antiseptic properties, useful in case of muscle tensions, cramps, muscle pain, rheumatism, remedy to support blood circulation and to counteract water retention and cellulite, balsamic action, against cold, cough, catarrh, able to rebalance the sebum production, helpful in case of acne and oily skin, against clothing moth
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Cinnamomum camphora is an evergreen tree native to East Asia and belonging to the Lauraceae family. From its bark, by steam distillation, the camphor essential oil is obtained. This essential oil is characterized by anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tonic and soothing properties but you should use it in moderation and for external use only, don’t take the camphor essential oil orally and don’t use to season food. In addition to this, camphor essential oil is contraindicated in case of epilepsy or seizures, during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in children. Let’s see the main applications.

Muscle pain, muscle tensions, bruises, rheumatism, cellulite

Massages with camphor essential oil are useful to sporty people, in case of muscle strain, muscle pain, bruises but also as a remedy in case of rheumatism or tensions. The essential oil can also help in case of cellulite. Mix 100 ml of sweet almond oil and 15 drops of camphor essential oil, apply this lotion on the part with pain or tensions and massage until it is completely absorbed. In order to improve blood circulation and to counteract cellulite and water retention you can massage the legs from the bottom to the top.

Acne, oily skin

Bring to boil a cup of water, then remove from heat and let it cool a bit. Add 8 drops of camphor essential oil and soak a gauze. Apply on the skin with acne and pimples. Alternatively you can add 2-3 drops of camphor essential oil to a tablespoon of face cream, apply in the morning and/or evening.

Cold, Cough

Camphor essential oil can be used in case of problems of the respiratory tract, cold, cough and catarrh. Massage the chest with 100 ml of sweet almond oil and 15 drops of camphor essential oil.

Clothing moth

Camphor essential oil acts against clothing moths. Pour 5 drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and put it in wardrobes or drawers. This will help keep insects away.

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