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Christmas essential oil blends

December 22, 2017
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Christmas essential oil blends

Antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties, ideal to purify the air of houses from germs, virus and bacteria, against the seasonal illnesses, helps prevent cold and flu, relaxing and calming action

Today we’ve thought to speak about something a bit different than the usual post about the properties of an essential oil. Today we will see how to prepare by yourself a blend of essential oils to make more magical your house, to create a warm atmosphere and, at the same time, to benefit from the healthy properties of the used essential oils. Let’s see a special blend of essential oils that, thanks to their scent and their relaxing, antibacterial and antiseptic action are perfect to be used in houses in this period of holidays, when we want to get a break from the stress of daily life but also to counteract the seasonal illnesses.

1 drop of cinnamon essential oil

The cinnamon essential oil brings a typical scent of cookies and sweets of Christmas, it is a warm essence that wraps you around and makes you feel safe.

In addition to this, this essential oil is one of the most powerful and efficient remedies against virus, germs and bacteria. It helps purify the air and acts against the risk to catch cold or flu, it results very useful in this period of seasonal illnesses.

1 drop of clove essential oil

The spicy smell is a tonic for body and mind, it goes well with the cinnamon essential oil whose antibacterial properties are amplified.

4 drops of bitter orange essential oil

The orange recalls the cold and the holidays. This essential oil has relaxing properties, helps sleep in case of insomnia and makes the atmosphere more relaxed.

2 drops of ginger essential oil

You can get rid of sadness and depression with ginger, this essential oil stimulates the body but has also antiseptic properties that help purify the air from germs and bacteria.

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