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Cinnamon essential oil, here the latest scientific research on its properties

December 24, 2021
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Cinnamon essential oil, here the latest scientific research on its properties

Improves mood and drives away anxiety and depression, antiviral and antibacterial action, useful for the well-being of the respiratory tract, counteracts tooth decay and oral candidiasis

Cinnamon has a unique, special, enveloping aroma. It is enough to perceive its scent for a short time to immediately go with the mind to the sensations of warmth, serenity and joy, to feel at peace. And science has precisely studied this effect, explaining why inhaling the scents of cinnamon is able to drive away anxieties and bad thoughts. And that's not all, cinnamon oil is also an ally for health, helping to clean the air by inhibiting fungi, bacteria and viruses. But let's understand better, always on the basis of scientific studies!

Cinnamon oil for better breathing

Cinnamon essential oil, thanks to its powerful active ingredient, cinnamaldehyde, is a fungicide. In particular, this essence has been shown to be useful in combating mycoses of the respiratory tract, caused, for example, by candida and aspergillus infections [1]. Not only that, cinnamon oil is also antimicrobial and helps to counteract various strains of bacteria responsible for respiratory tract infections [2]. Finally, the antiviral action of cinnamon oil was found to be able to inhibit the proliferation of viruses, especially those affecting the airways [3]. You can spread cinnamon essential oil in the rooms using an essence-burning lamp, 3-4 drops are enough.

Cinnamon oil, the essence of a good mood

Cinnamon essential oil fights anxiety and depression. It is believed that this action is due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the substances contained in cinnamon oil, which help to counteract neuroinflammation and oxidative stress [4]. Indeed, recent studies have observed that oxidative stress and brain inflammation cause damage to proteins, lipids and nucleic acids and that this is precisely the cause of conditions such as anxiety and depression [5]. Again, to benefit from the soothing properties of cinnamon oil, you can spread the essence in the room with an oil burner.

Cinnamon oil also for mouth health

Rinses with cinnamon essential oil have been shown to be effective in fighting oral candidiasis. In particular, cinnamon essential oil has been able to reduce the signs and symptoms of candidiasis and eliminate more than 60% of the infection [6]. Not only that, rinses of this type also help prevent tooth decay thanks to the action of cinnamon, capable of inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria to the teeth and subsequent bacterial proliferation [7]. You can prepare rinses by adding 2-3 drops of cinnamon essential oil to half a glass of warm water.

Synergies against influenza

Some blends of essential oils have proven to be particularly powerful in fighting bacteria and viruses. For example, the combination of cinnamon, clove, orange, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils has been shown to counteract the H1N1 or influenza A virus [8]. In addition, the combination of cinnamon and cloves has been shown to be particularly effective against fungi and bacteria and has maximized the antioxidant action of the essences [9]. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the ability to act against oxidative stress, thanks to the antioxidant properties, also counteracts anxiety and depression, so the cinnamon / clove synergy proves to be very powerful in chasing away bad thoughts and fears.

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