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Cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil

July 26, 2019
Antiseptic, antiviral and calming action, useful in case of cough, cold sores, cellulite, varicose veins, acne, oily skin and blackheads, relieves stress and anxiety, helps to fight pollen allergy
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Through steam distillation of branches and cones of cypressus, scientific name Cupressus sempervirens of the Cupressaceae family, an essential oil is obtained with interesting antimicrobial, antiviral and relaxing properties, which we will investigate in detail. But, before this, there are some recommendations. The cypress essential oil should only be used externally, it should not be ingested. Not only that, avoid using this essential oil in pregnancy and in children under the age of 6.

Acne, oily skin and cold sores

The cypress essential oil shows an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action thanks mainly to its components such as alpha pinene, cedrol, phenols and flavonoids (Selim et al, BMC Complemet Altern Med, 2014). Precisely thanks to these effects, the cypress essential oil results useful to counteract pimples, blackheads and oily skin. In these cases, you can add a drop of cypress essential oil to a face mask prepared with two teaspoons of ventilated green clay and enough water to obtain a cream. Apply the mask on cleansed face and leave on for ten minutes, then rinse, spray a hydrolat and finally apply your usual face cream. Alternatively, you can add a drop of cypress directly to your cream and apply on the face. But the cypress also shows a powerful antiviral action that is very effective in countering herpes simplex, the cause of the annoying and, unfortunately, recurrent cold sore (Emami et al, IJBMS, Feb 2009). Therefore, in case of cold sores, you can apply a drop of cypress essential oil mixed with a little coconut oil.


The cypress essential oil contains a substance, called camphene, which often appears in aerosol medicines used to soothe the cough and with an expectorant action (Toxnet Database - Boyd et al, JAMA, Jul 2019). To take advantage of these cypress properties, you can add the essence to a lamp that burns essences, a drop per square meter, to diffuse the aroma and beneficial properties in the room. Alternatively, you can heat a small pan full of hot water, add 3-4 drops of essential oil and breathe the steam.

Cellulite and varicose veins

The cypress essential oil is also effective against cellulite (Orchard et al, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, May 2017). Therefore, massages can be useful with this essence to counteract both cellulite and retention. Mix in 100 ml of jojoba oil 5-6 drops of cypress essential oil and apply on the part to be treated with slow massages from the bottom up. These same massages can also be useful in case of varicose veins due to the astringent action of the essential oil of cypress that also acts with benefits for blood circulation.


On the basis of a scientific research (Kuriyama et al., Evid Based Complement Alternat Med., Jun 2005), massages prepared with sweet almond oil and essential oils of lavender, marjoram and cypress have proven to be useful to fight anxiety and stress. In particular, the essential oil of cypress shows anxiolytic properties and results able to counteract the feeling of fatigue.


Although this property is not reported in scientific articles dedicated to cypress essential oil, this remedy also seems useful to alleviate pollen allergies. In this case you can diffuse the essence in the room using an oil burner, a drop of essential oil per square meter.

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