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Essential oil blends against mosquitos

Essential oil blends against mosquitos

June 15, 2018
Essential oil blends against mosquitos, according to scientific studies
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Hot and humidity promote the proliferation of mosquitos that may become really a problem. Itching, swelling and skin irritations are some symptoms of mosquitos bites that can also cause the transmission of diseases, such as Chikungunja or Zika that are just some examples. In order to protect ourselves from mosquitos bites we can use essential oils, that may act as powerful repellent. Let’s see the most efficient essential oils to get rid of mosquitos. You can prepare a blend with all the essential oils here reported, in this case pour in 50 ml of neem oil 30 drops of a mixture of all the oils together and apply on skin. In alternative you can diffuse one essence or more in the room with an oil burner.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Corymbia citriodora, or lemon eucalyptus, has a powerful action as a repellent against mosquitos. A recent scientific study has tested indeed a formulation containing 32% of lemon eucalyptus essential oil and this product has been able to give more than 95% protection within three hours after skin application (Frances et al, J Am Mosq Control Assoc, 2014).

Citronella essential oil

The essential oil of citronella, Cymbopogon nardus, has an action comparable to that of diethyltoluamide, or DEET, a substance used in most of the anti mosquitos repellents that you can buy (Maia et al, Malar J, 2011). However, this esential oil tends to evaporate very fast and, for this reason, in order to benefit from its properties, it should be added to the blend more times.

Clove essential oil

From cloves, Eugenia Caryophyllus, an essential oil with a very powerful action against mosquitos is obtained. It is able indeed to offer 100% protection within 4 hours after application. Also this effect is demonstrated by scientific studies (Trongtokit, Phytother Res, 2005 but also Barnard et al, J Med Entomol, 1999). Compared to other essential oils the clove essential oil has been demonstrated to be one of the most active against mosquitos.

Geranius essential oil– Another essential oil able to keep away mosquitos is that of geranius, bourbon geranium. In addition to this, this essential oil has also a very pleasant scent and is ideal to diffuse in the rooms, it will give its fresh and enjoyable aroma.

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