Mandarin essential oil

Relaxing and calming action, helpful to give serenity and good mood, remedy in case of insomnia and anxiety, poor digestion, colic also in children, able to treat water retention and cellulite, able to prevent stretch marks.
From the fresh peels of the mandarin the essential oil is obtained. This essential oil is characterized by an incredible citrusy scent, however, it has a photosensitizing effect, for this reason it is better not to use it before sun exposure and sun lamps. The mandarin essential oil has a relaxing and calming effect, useful in case of anxiety, stress, it is gentle so it can be used during pregnancy or also in children during periods of crisis or changes. This essential oil is useful in case of stretch marks, water retention and cellulite but also digestive problems and colic. Let’s see the main uses.

Insomnia, anxiety, stress

Mandarin essential oil brings serenity and good mood. It opens the spiritual horizon. You can diffuse it in the room, 1 drop each square meter, with an oil burner, or, in case of insomnia, you can pour one drop of mandarin essential oil on the pillow. In case of anxiety that happens during the day you can breathe 2-3 drops of essential oil from an handkerchief. You can also prepare a bath by adding 5-6 drops of mandarin essential oil in order to relax and give a relief to the nervous tensions.

Hiccups, stomach cramps, poor digestion

You can massage the abdomen, also that of children in case of colic, with a little sweet almond oil and two drops of mandarin essential oil.

Stretch marks, cellulite

Mandarin essential oil acts also in order to prevent, or if present to mitigate, the stretch marks, also during pregnancy: try to massage the part with 50 ml of vegetable oil, such as sweet almond or wheat germ oil, and 10 drops of the essential oil. The massage helps also to drain the water retention and to act in case of cellulite.
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