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Mimosa essential oil

Mimosa essential oil

Calming and relaxing action in case of stress or palpitations, anti-inflammatory properties for sensitive skin, remedy in case of eczema or itch, helpful in case of low self confidence

Calming effect

This essential oil is suggested in case of irritability caused by climate changes, anxiety, palpitations and stress with headache and insomnia. Mimosa essential oil is able to dispel tensions, try to diffuse it in the room or massage one drop on the face before the cream. In this way, mimosa will be useful against tiredness and to make your skin luminous.
Anti-inflammatory and calming properties in case of skin problems, also for sensitive skin – In case of skin redness or eczema try to apply 2-3 drops of mimosa essential oil mixed with sweet almond oil on the interested part.

Relaxing effect

Helpful if you have low self-confidence or if you need strength to get through difficult times, mimosa essential oil gives serenity. Diffuse in the room or inhale the flavor from a handkerchief where you have added some drops of essential oil.
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