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Mountain pine essential oil

Mountain pine essential oil

February 28, 2020
Able to counteract cough and cold, helpful to better breathe, analgesic action and useful in case of muscle pain, tonic for the body
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Mountain pine, scientific name pinus mugo var pumilio belonging to the family of Pinaceae, is a shrub that may grow up to 3 meters. The habitat of mountain pine is the mountain between 1500 and 2700 meters above sea level and from steam distillation of its needles and branches a very interesting essential oil is obtained, the topic of the post of today.

Mountain pine essential oil, properties

Mountain pine essential oil is characterized by balsamic, anti inflammatory, expectorant, antitussive and antiseptic properties (Hajdari et al, Springerplus, 2015). Indeed, this essential oil contains monoterpens and sesquiterpens, such as alpha and beta pinene, carophillene and limonene, that are substances that make this essential oil a powerful immunostimulant and analgesic remedy, able to support the memory but also with an anti inflammatory effect since a reduction in the production of interleukin IL-6 is observed. IL-6 is a protein released when there are inflammatory processes, for this reason, a low inflammation level means a reduction in the amount of IL-6 (Basholli-Salihu et al, Pharm Biol, 2017 - Salehi et al, Biomolecules, 2019). Moreover, the mountain pine essential oil is antioxidant (Grassmann et al, J Agric Food Chem, 2003). Given these characteristics, the mountain pine essential oil helps in case of cough and cold but it acts also as a tonic for the body, by promoting the concertation and helping in case of tiredness or exhaustion.

Mountain pine essential oil, uses

You can diffuse this balsamic essence in the rooms. Add 3-4 drops in an oil burner and diffuse this scent, so intense and warm, that will help you breathe better and will give also more energy. In alternative, in case of cold, you can prepare a steam bath. Heat a pot full of water, remove from the heat and add 2 drops of mountain pine essential oil. Cover the head with a towel and breathe the steam. Finally, since this essential oil is anti inflammatory and analgesic, you can use it for massages in case of muscle pain. In 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, or other plant based oil that you have at home, add 2 drops of mountain pine essential oil and apply on the part with slow circular movements. In this case, however, since mountain pine contains naturally limonene that may result irritating for the skin, it is better to perform first a test on a small part of the skin and be sure not to have allergic reactions.

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