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Oakmoss essential oil

May 05, 2017
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Oakmoss essential oil

Soothing and cicatrizing properties, helpful to hydrate, soothe and heal skin irritations, wounds and dry skin, useful to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, cough, bronchitis and catarrh, able to act on the emotional sphere, to balance the inside of us in case of unresolved situations of the past, able to improve self-confidence, aphrodisiac action, fixative for other essences

Evernia prunastri, also known as oakmoss, is a species of lichen that grows primarily on the trunk of oaks but can also be found on other types of tree such as fir and pine. From this lichen an essential oil with antiseptic, expectorant and cicatrizing properties is obtained, this essential oil gives energy and stability, like the oaks. Let’s see the main uses.

Natural fixative

It is able to extend the duration of other essences.

Diseases of the respiratory tract

Oakmoss essential oil is indicated to treat pulmonary and respiratory tract diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and cough. You can use this essential oil to prepare steam inhalation by adding 2-3 drops in a basin full of hot water, cover the head with a towel and breathe.


This essential oil has soothing and cicatrizing properties for the skin and wounds. You can use to treat dry and irritated skin. You should always use oakmoss essential oil diluted, a few drops in a tablespoon of your face daily cream or plant-based oil and apply on the part.

Emotional sphere

Oakmoss essential oil is aphrodisiac and balancing, helps find the inner center of yourself. This essential oil is useful in case of unresolved situations of the past, that seem to be forgotten but keep on affecting the present. You can diffuse the essential oil in the room with an oil burner, 10 drops poured in the basin or lamp in order to diffuse the scent and benefit from its properties.

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