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Roman chamomile essential oil

Roman chamomile essential oil

June 24, 2016
Calming properties, remedy in case of insomnia and stress, antispasmodic and painkiller, helpful in case of colitis, bellyache, joint pain and neuralgias, able to treat the skin irritations and inflammations, useful to hydrate the skin as aftershave or for red, dry and chapped hands
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Roman chamomile is different from common chamomile because it is very rich in essential oils. Let’s see the applications of the essential oil obtained from this type of chamomile.

Calming properties

Roman chamomile essential oil has important calming and relaxing properties, very useful in case of stress, anxiety and insomnia. In order to benefit from these properties you can diffuse 2-3 drops in the room with an oil burner or you can prepare a small bag of dry chamomile flowers with some drops of essential oil and put it near the bed.

Antispasmodic, painkiller and anti-inflammatory

Roman chamomile essential oil can be very helpful in case of joint pain, neuralgias and colitis. Mix 4-5 drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and massage the part.

In case of irritations and inflammations of the skin

In case of skin irritations, skin reddening mix two drops of Roman chamomile essential oil in the face cream and apply. You can use the essential oil also as aftershave or in case of dry, red and chapped hands, in this case add two drops of Roman chamomile essential oil to a knob of shea butter and apply on the part, the properties of the essential oil will hydrate deeply the skin, that will become soft and smooth, and will promote the healing of the little wounds.

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