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Siberian fir essential oil

Siberian fir essential oil

November 15, 2019
Antimicrobial, anti inflammatory and expectorant, useful in case of cold, sinusitis, flu and sore throat, able to remove tensions and reduce arousal states
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Through steam distillation of the branches of the Siberian fir, scientific name Abies sibirica of the Pinaceae family, a very special essential oil is obtained, able to give freshness and to purify the rooms but also useful to act against stress. In general, it is a well tolerated essential oil, even by skin. Let’s see now how to use it and how to exploit its properties, on the basis of scientific researches.

Able to purify the rooms, against cold and flu

This essential oil is anti inflammatory, antimicrobial and able to soothe cough (Noreikaitè et al, Med Sci Monit, 2017 - Yang et al, Chem Biodivers, 2008). The Siberian fir essential oil purifies the rooms, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness, counteracts seasonal illnesses, opens the airways and thins catarrh. You can diffuse the essential oil of Siberian fir by adding 5 drops of essence to the oil burner lamp and releasing this balsamic fragrance all around you.

Anxiety and tensions

Siberian fir essential oil is considered a powerful antihypertensive. Moreover, according to a scientific study, inhaling Siberian fir essential oil is able to reduce arousal conditions by increasing the activity of theta waves, a type of cerebral waves that characterize the REM sleep phase, the phase of sleep where you intensively dream and you make rapid eye movements (Peever et al, Curr Biol, 2018 - Seo et al, Behav Neurol, 2016). To prepare a relaxing massage oil, able to relieve tensions and able to promote a good sleep, you can mix 100 ml of a plant based oil, such as sweet almond oil, and 10 drops of Siberian fir. Apply on damp body, for example after a shower or a warm bath.

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