Spearmint essential oil

Relaxing, mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, helpful in case of catarrh, sinusitis, cold, bronchitis, headache, able to improve concentration, painkiller in case of contractures caused by stress.
From spearmint an essential oil with balsamic, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory, refreshing and relaxing properties is obtained. You can use spearmint essential oil in case of cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, headache but also during periods of stress characterized by pain and contractures, mental fatigue, it also improves concentration. Spearmint essential oil has a sweeter aroma than peppermint but the properties are quite the same.

Cold, cough, catarrh

You can prepare steam inhalation with spearmint essential oil. Heat a pot with water, remove from heat and add two drops of essential oil, cover the head with a pillow and breathe. Alternatively, you can breathe a couple of drops directly from the handkerchief during the day.

Headache, stress, contractures

In order to give a relief to pain and relax the muscles you can mix 1-2 drops of spearmint essential oil and a tablespoon of vegetable oil, massage the part. The spearmint essential oil is also able to warm up the muscles, for this reason it is very useful for sporty people. In case of tired feet at the end of the day you can add some drops of spearmint essential oil to your warm foot bath.

Concentration, stress, tiredness

You can diffuse with an oil-burner some drops of spearmint essential oil in the room, 1 drop each square meter, in order to relax , improve the intellectual activity.
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