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Sweet fennel essential oil

August 11, 2017
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Sweet fennel essential oil

Digestive properties, useful in case of lack of appetite, nausea, meteorism, constipation, remedy for hiccups, calming and harmonizing effect, able to stimulate the circulation and against water retention

Sweet fennel essential oil is obtained from the pressed seeds of the plant Foeniculum vulgare belonging to the Apiaceae family. This essential oil has digestive properties, it is able to stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, it has a diuretic and calming effect. Avoid it if you suffer from epilepsy and seizures, during pregnancy and before sun or sunlamps exposure because of the photosensitizing effect. Let’s see the main uses.

Digestive action, against colitis, nausea and constipation

Sweet fennel essential oil results very useful in order to stimulate hunger but also in case of colitis, meteorism, lack of appetite, nausea and constipation. Helpful also to treat abdominal cramps because it can relax the muscles of the abdomen. Try to massage the abdomen with 2 drops of sweet fennel essential oil and a tablespoon of a plant based oil such as olive, sunflower or sweet almond oil. In alternative you can take after meals or when it is needed a drop of essential oil mixed with a teaspoon of honey, let it dissolve slowly in your mouth. This remedy is also useful in case of hiccups.

Water retention, cellulite

Thanks to the draining action of the sweet fennel essential oil you can use it to counteract cellulite and water retention. Very useful are in this case also massages with 100 ml of a plant based oil you like and ten drops of essential oil. Also a bath with stimulating properties for circulation is helpful, add ten drops of sweet fennel essential oil to the water.

Stress, fear of failure, inferiority complex

This essential oil has a calming action by reducing stress and regularizing the autonomic nervous system.

In addition to this it promotes also the opening to the others and the clear vision of the situations. Useful if you reject the changes because you have fear of failure, it can also be useful to soothe the consequences of an excess of alcohol or smoke. Prepare a relaxing bath with 10 drops of essential oil, stay for 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can diffuse the essential oil of sweet fennel in the room by using an oil burner, 1 drop each square meter.

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