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Swiss stone pine essential oil

Swiss stone pine essential oil

Balsamic and expectorant action, useful in case of cold, cough and catarrh, acts as a painkiller in case of arthritis, muscle pain, muscle stretch, improves blood circulation, purifying action, against insects and bad smells, improves concentration and self confidence
Swiss stone pine, also called Swiss pine or stone pine, scientific name Pinus cembra, is a tree typical of the region of the Alps. From this plant an essential oil is obtained, this oil results useful against illnesses of the respiratory tract, is able to stimulate the immune system, to act in case of arthritis, to improve concentration and purify the rooms. Let’s see how to use the Swiss stone pine essential oil.

Cold, cough, catarrh

Swiss stone pine oil is able to thin catarrh and acts by stimulating and strengthening the immune system defenses. You can prepare steam inhalation by adding a couple of drops of essential oil to a bowl full of hot water. Cover the head with a towel and breathe the balsamic steams in order to obtain benefit in case of illnesses of the respiratory tract. In alternative you can add three drops of essential oil to the water of the bath.

Arthritis, muscle pain, muscle stretch, poor blood circulation

You can massage the part with a lotion given by mixing a tablespoon of a vegetable oil, such as wheat germ oil or sweet almond oil, and 5 drops of Swiss stone pine essential oil.

Insects, bad smells

You can diffuse the essential oil in order to purify the room, it acts against insects and bad smells, such as smoke smells.

Concentration, self confidence

Swiss stone pine essential oil is helpful for those people who have a low self confidence, it transmits courage and capacity to face adversities. Helpful also in case of poor concentration. Diffuse in the room with an oil burner.
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