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Vetiver essential oil

Vetiver essential oil

May 26, 2017
Antiseptic and anti-rheumatic properties, able to regulate the sebum, helpful in case of oily skin, acne, infections but also arthritis, joint pain and muscle pain, rheumatism, able to support the circulatory system, action against water retention and swollen legs, relaxing effect, able to give strength, stability and firmness, able to attenuate panic attack and anxiety
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From the roots of vetiver, vetiveria zizanoides, a plant belonging to Poaceae family and native to India, an essential oil is obtained. Vetiver essential oil has anti-rheumatic and immunostimulating properties, it is able to treat infections, arthritis and allergic reactions. From the emotive point of view, the essential oil brings calm, strength, firmness and stability, alleviates panic attacks. Let’s see the main uses of the vetiver essential oil, remember to use it always diluted because it is very concentrated, avoid during pregnancy and in children.

Oily skin, acne

Vetiver essential oil has antiseptic properties and it results able to regulate the sebum production, for this reason it is suitable for oily skin and hair. Try to add some drops of the essential oil to the shampoo or to the soap used to clean the face, this treatment may help reduce the excess amount of sebum. 2-3 drops of vetiver essential oil added to the tonic can act against inflammations of the skin, acne or infections. In case of acne, boil 100 ml of water, let it cool down and add ten drops of essential oil. Soak a gauze and apply on the part affected by acne.

Rheumatism, muscle pain, stomach cramps

In case of rheumatism, joint pain or muscle pain but also in order to improve and support blood circulation and fortify capillaries you can use vetiver essential oil. Try to add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a cream made with arnica and apply on the part with slow movements. Alternatively, in order to remove muscular tensions and improve blood circulation try to mix 100 ml of almond sweet oil and ten drops of vetiver essential oil, useful also against cellulite and swollen legs. The same massage can be done on the abdomen in case of stomach ache and swollen belly.

Anxiety, stress, insomnia

vetiver essential oil brings calm and serenity, can alleviate panic attack and hysteria, it can be helpful in case of insomnia. Diffuse the essential oil in the room by using an oil burner. You can also prepare a relaxing bath in this way, add to the water two handfuls of coarse sea salt and 10 drops of vetiver essential oil, stay for 15 minutes.

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