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A hearty breakfast against overweight and high blood sugar level

A hearty breakfast against overweight and high blood sugar level

Breakfast yes or no? This is the question that a lot of people ask themselves sometimes believing, wrongly, that skipping breakfast is a healthy habit that helps keep at bay body weight. Actually, the contrary seems true and that is that a rich breakfast may play a role in fighting obesity but also the dangerous blood sugar spikes. This is the result of a research published by a team of German scientists in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (Richter et al, 2020).
We expend energy when we digest food, to absorb the nutrients and to store them in the body, this is what is called the diet induced thermogenesis that measures also the functionality of our metabolism. The research was performed on a sample of 16 men who were asked to eat a big breakfast and a low-calorie dinner in a first round, then, in a second round the contrary, namely a low calorie breakfast and a high calorie dinner. What scientists observed is that having breakfast induces a consumption of calories 2,5 times higher than a meal with the same amount of calories but eaten in the evening. Moreover, the increase in blood sugar induced by meal was lower after breakfast than after dinner, with the same calories. Finally, a low calorie breakfast causes also an increased appetite during day, especially for sweets.
The study is small but for sure the results are clear and are summed up by the recommendations of the author of the research, dr Richter. Dr Richter says that both in case of obesity but also for people with a normal weight a hearty breakfast should be preferred to a hearty dinner to keep at bay body weight and to prevent metabolic diseases.
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