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Against wrinkles try facial yoga

Against wrinkles try facial yoga

November 06, 2018
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According to science, it is possible to turn the clock back, at least for what concerns facial appearance and without resorting to expensive creams or invasive surgery. On the basis of a recent research indeed, published in the prestigious journal Jama Dermatology by a team of the Northwestern University, Chicago, USA, (Alam et al, Association of Facial Exercise With the Appearance of Aging, 2018), adopting facial yoga exercises in the daily routine has improved the skin appearance, has made the skin firmer and has reshaped the face by lifting the cheekbones and smoothing, or at least reducing, wrinkles in the part around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

The team of scientists led by dr Murad Alam asked to 27 women aged 40 to 65 to undergo 30 minutes of particular facial exercises every day for two months and for the other 5 months 30 minutes of exercises but every other day. At the end of this training it has been observed an enhancement of the cheek and cheekbone fullness, a reduction of visible signs of aging and in general a three-year decrease in age appearance. The explanation given by the scientists is that the exercises made the muscles underneath firmer thus increasing the subcutaneous volume and counteracting the effects of aging and skin loosening. The exercises proposed to the participants have been developed by Gary Sikorski, a trainer who works on face muscles with his program Happy Face Yoga and also coauthor of the study. A good piece of news for all the people who don’t like wrinkles but want to act always in respect of their body. Other studies are needed after this research in order to test these findings on a larger sample size, that is in this work really too small, and to include also men and people belonging to other age categories, but surely this is a first important result, so interesting that we will dedicate to the topic the next video blog that will be released this Friday!

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