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Children: rosemary can improve memory

March 22, 2018
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Children: rosemary can improve memory

Rosemary aroma seems to be able to improve memory in children, this is the result of a study presented less than a year ago, it was the 4th Mach 2017, by Dr. Mark Moss and Victoria Earle at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in Brighton.

A previous study performed by the same team has already highlighted that the rosemary aroma can improve memory in health adults, now the researchers have tested the effect of rosemary on children aged 10 to 11. The children have been divided into two groups, one group has been tested with a memory game in a room with rosemary essential oil diffused in it for ten minutes, the other group has been tested in a non-scented room. The children in the aroma room received significantly higher scores than the other children.

The reason why rosemary has this effect is still debated, according to dr. Moss a possible explanation could be that rosemary aroma affects the electrical activity of the brain. In any case, the results of the research pave the way to practical applications that can be really beneficial to improve academic performance in a simple and cheap way.

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