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Coconut water and coconut vinegar with anticancer properties

May 11, 2021
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Coconut water and coconut vinegar with anticancer properties

Diet and lifestyle help reduce the risk of developing cancers, this is now considered certain by scientists. But research continues, in order to understand which foods may be more powerful than other foods at counteracting cellular inflammation and degeneration. Today we know that two other ingredients are added to this list, coconut water and vinegar obtained from coconut water, as evidenced by a recent research published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research (Mohamad et al, FNR, 2018).

Antitumor diet and the role of vinegar

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains have been shown to protect health from cellular degeneration. The vinegar we use to dress the salad is also beneficial, since, thanks to the presence of acetic acid and phenolic compounds, it counteracts obesity, helps keep blood sugar under control and is anticancer. However, the anticancer action of vinegar changes according to the ingredients from which it is obtained, since the levels of antioxidants change. For example, rice vinegar helps to counteract some cancer lines such as those affecting the colon and skin. The vinegar obtained from sugar cane protects the blood. Coconut water is a healthy drink, which provides vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and antioxidants, fights inflammation and stimulates the work of the immune system. A vinegar is also obtained from coconut water, the coconut vinegar, which nowadays is easily found in specialized stores and online. However, few studies have been carried out on the properties of coconut vinegar. This is why the researchers of the study we are talking about today decided to test the antitumor action, referring in particular to breast cancer, of coconut vinegar.

Coconut vinegar against degeneration, the experiment

Studies were performed both in vitro, namely in the laboratory, and in vivo to evaluate the anticancer action of coconut vinegar. What emerged was that coconut vinegar was able to induce apoptosis, that is the program death of diseased cells, and reduced the progression of the disease. Not only that, coconut vinegar also enabled the body's natural anticancer defenses to be activated by stimulating the release of a type of proteins, the anti tumor cytokines.

Varied and balanced diet

The study does not want to bring attention to a new miraculous super food. In fact, there is no food that alone can fight tumors and inflammation. Instead, there is a lifestyle that can strengthen our defenses and help counteract the onset of cellular degeneration. The diet is part of this lifestyle and also includes foods such as coconut water and coconut vinegar. So, the next time we want to flavor a salad or a vegetable side dish, we can use a few drops of coconut vinegar, or when we want to prepare a thirst-quenching drink, we can add a little coconut water to the smoothie or centrifuge. Simple gestures, but helpful to strengthen the body against all kinds of threats.

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