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Coronavirus and 5G

Coronavirus and 5G

With the progress of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the belief that this could be caused by the advent of 5G has also spread. So let's try to clarify the topic.

What is 5G

5G is the mobile network technology that should replace 4G. 5G is characterized by the possibility to allow many more connections at the same time, faster speed and faster response times. To do this, this technology will use higher frequencies than current ones and higher frequencies mean waves that travel at higher energy (Simko et al, Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2019). This fact has caused many concerns about the safety of 5G as the waves penetrate the tissues, producing heat due to the absorption of energy by the tissues themselves and overheating could cause damage, especially in the skin and eyes (Kostoff et al, Toxicol Lett, 2020). However, the more the frequency increases the more the penetration capacity of the waves decreases, therefore the action of 5G on health is still debated. Currently, studies are being carried out to understand the safety of 5G and now we won’t go into it as this goes beyond the current context. What is important to know at present, is to understand that 5G is not a concern for the fact that can somehow convey the novel coronavirus but, in case, for the interaction between waves and the human body and any mutations that may occur at the cellular level. However, this aspect, it has to be underlined again, is still under study.

Coronavirus, how it spreads

As also pointed out by the WHO, the novel coronavirus spreads through infected droplets emitted when a person speaks, sneezes or coughs. But people can come into contact with the novel coronavirus also by touching a contaminated surface and then bringing the hands to mouth, eyes or nose.

Coronavirus does not travel with 5G

Therefore, the virus does not travel using radio waves or the mobile network and 5G does not cause the spread of the novel coronavirus. The safety of 5G with regards to the suspected carcinogenic action is being evaluated by studies but this has nothing to do with the spread of the novel coronavirus.
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