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Coronavirus and pets

Coronavirus and pets

A lot of families have a pet, we of Natural Remedies have a little dog, too. For this reason, it is normal to want to understand the best behavior with our pets, what we can do or what it is better to avoid. Vets and official bodies give their lists of advice and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dedicated a whole section about coronavirus and pets. Let’s try to better understand.

Coronavirus, can pets transmit the virus?

No, in the present state of knowledge, they cannot. All official bodies claim that pets don’t transmit the virus that in this phase is only transmitted from person to person. In any case, the general rule stands to wash always the hands with water and soap for a minute after touching or petting an animal, also cats and dogs. This rule has also the purpose to protect ourselves from salmonella and Escherichia coli.

Coronavirus, simple hygiene rules for our pets

According to vets, hygiene and care of our pet should never be neglected and in this period it is even more important. For this reason, bathing your pet every two weeks with shampoos that contain 4% Chlorhexidine, a disinfectant with antimicrobial and antiviral properties, could be a good choice. This helps also reduce the smell of the coat ad remove the hair that is lost during natural shedding. It is also useful to clean the paws after the usual walk with a specific handkerchief for pets that contains chlorhexidine.

Coronavirus, is it safe to go out for a walk with our pet?

Yes, of course it is. However, it is important to avoid gathering of people and to maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter between people. I know, this it difficult, especially if there is a pet involved, but it is important to limit the transmission of the virus. For the same reason, it is better to avoid that other people pet the dog.

Coronavirus, I have the virus, can I take care of my pet?

It is better to avoid contacts with pets just like any other contacts with persons. Although, to date, there is no evidence that there are animals infected by the virus and then able to transmit it to humans, until we don’t have more information it is better to avoid contacts with our dog or cat. Avoid kisses, petting or also sharing food. If you don’t have anybody to take care of your pet, you can take care of your little friend but with some precautions. Wash the hands before and after any contacts and wear the masks.
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