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Coronavirus, FAQ

Coronavirus, FAQ

March 14, 2020
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The transmission of novel coronavirus is growing, it is true, but it is possible to counteract the virus with a few simple rules. We should, for a limited period of time, reduce sociality, maintain a safe distance between people, stay at home as much as possible. In addition to this, it is very important not to touch the face with dirty hands and it is fundamental to wash often the hands with water and soap for a minute. It is also possible to use a solution of water and alcohol, at least 60%, to disinfect the hands. But it is also important to protect ourselves from fake news. For this reason, WHO, the world health organization, has published on its website a list of questions and answers to shed some light. We sum up them in the following.

Does snow kill coronavirus?

No, snow and cold doesn’t counteract coronavirus. This virus lives inside the body where the temperature is around 37°C, regardless of the external temperature or weather. For the same reason, coronavirus may also be transmitted in in areas with hot and humid weather. So, weather and climate aren’t a valid reason for thinking to be more protected from the virus. Again, the only way to protect yourself against coronavirus is to follow the recommendation of governments and WHO. This means, staying at home as much as possible, avoiding gathering of people, maintaining the safe distance between persons of at least 1 meter, better if more, coughing or sneezing in the bent elbow and washing the hands with water and soap for at least 40 seconds. Then, better if you use also a hand sanitizer given by a solution of water and alcohol, at least 60%.

Coronavirus, can a hot bath kill the virus?

Also in this case the answer is no, it cannot. A very hot bath can just burn you.

Coronavirus, can be transmitted through mosquito bites?

To date, there is no evidence that novel coronavirus may be transmitted through mosquito bites. The virus can be transmitted from a person to the other through droplets that are generated when a person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

Coronavirus, are hand dryers and ultraviolet disinfection lamps able to kill the virus?

No, they aren’t. The only way to protect against coronavirus is to wash often the hands with water and soap for a minute and then complete with a solution of water and alcohol.

Coronavirus, have we a vaccine?

To date, there isn’t a vaccine against coronavirus but a lot of laboratories are now working to obtain one. Contrary to what a lot of people think, the vaccines against pneumonia or influenza type B don’t give a protection against coronavirus.

Coronavirus and natural remedies

Even though natural remedies are powerful, they cannot kill coronavirus. Many people think that rinsing the nose with saline may help prevent the infection from coronavirus. There is no evidence that this procedure may prevent respiratory infections but it has been observed that it may be useful to help people recover more quickly from a common cold. For the same reason, there is no evidence that eating garlic may prevent coronavirus. As we have already said, a healthy diet is important to strengthen the body and to put the immune system in the best conditions to act against external aggressions but the infection of coronavirus can be avoided only by drastically reducing sociality, by washing often the hands with water and soap and using an alcohol based disinfectant for hands.

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