Coronavirus, how to use correctly the gloves

The coronavirus emergency has made it necessary, now more than ever, to strictly adhere to certain hygiene rules, such as not to touch your face with dirty hands, to wash your hands frequently with soap and water or to use a disinfectant solution with at least 60% alcohol. Not only that, many countries are imposing the obligation to wear masks and, in some places such as supermarkets, gloves are also needed even if there are those who already wear them without the need of obligations. The gloves, in fact, are undoubtedly an additional personal protection tool, given the ability of the novel coronavirus to survive up to a few days on the surfaces. However, when wearing gloves, specific rules must be followed to avoid increasing the risk of infection. The risk of wearing gloves, in fact, may be to feel a false security that leads to neglect the hygiene rules just seen.

Coronavirus, the correct way to use gloves

Gloves do not replace hand hygiene. Hands, indeed, have to be washed often and in any case with soap and water for one minute and / or disinfected with a solution that contains at least 60% alcohol.
Then, it is important not to touch the face with gloves as infected substances may be present on the gloves themselves.
The gloves are to be used only once and then thrown away in the garbage, possibly inside a closed bag or in the appropriate containers made available in supermarkets.
Finally, it is also important to remove the gloves correctly to minimize any risk of infection. When you take off the gloves after using them, in fact, be sure to pinch the edge of the glove, near the wrist, and remove the glove by sliding the inner part outwards. Then, for the other glove, insert a finger into the inner collar of the glove and, like before, slide the inner part outwards to remove the glove. In this way, bare hands do not come into contact with the outside, potentially contaminated.
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