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Coronavirus, new guidelines

Coronavirus, new guidelines

March 05, 2020
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We update the section about the novel coronavirus. Now, information is useful because we all, with little gestures and precautions, may play a role in reducing the diffusion of the virus. But it is also important to have a reliable information. Here we report the guidelines and rules on the basis of the advice and data from doctors and scientific studies.

Coronavirus, prevention is the goal

At present, against novel coronavirus we don’t have a vaccine. For this reason, the only way to prevent the virus diffusion is to limit the occasion of transmission, such as gatherings of people, handshakes, kisses and hugs. Why these prevention measures? Because, if it is true that 80% of sick people overcome the virus without or with just a few symptoms and they don’t need the doctor, the 20% need to go to the hospital and, among this 20%, there is a part that needs also intensive therapies. The purpose is to reduce as much as possible the amount of people that have to go the hospital because otherwise would be very difficult for these structures to face the situations. Let’s see some guidelines.

Coronavirus, safe distance

In all the social contacts it is recommended to maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter. Why 1 meter if before it was 2 meters? Viruses are transmitted through droplets when you sneeze, cough or speak. Scientific calculations based on viruses of different types indicate that 2 meters, and in particular 182 cm, are the safe distance that guarantees that no one droplet reaches a person. However, 2 meters are difficult to guarantee, especially in offices or buses. For this reason, 1 meter is more feasible and reasonable, considering also that, according to scientific studies (Kutter et al, Current Opinion in Virology, 2018), droplets generated during coughing, sneezing or talking do not remain suspended in air and travel less than 1 m before settling on surfaces.

Coronavirus, raccomandatone for prevention

1) It is good to wash often the hands with warm water and soap for more than 20 seconds, better if for a minutes. Then, you can use a disinfectant for hands that contains at least the 60% of alcohol

2) Avoid hugs and handshakes, better to greet from a certain distance. It is always important to guarantee the safe distance of at least 1 meter, as we have explained in the previous paragraph

3) Sneeze or cough in a handkerchief that then has to be thrown away. Don’t touch the mucosa with hands

4) Don’t take antiviral or antibiotic drugs unless the doctor has indicated it

5) Clean the surfaces with disinfectants based on alcohol or chlorine

6) Use the mask only if you suspect to have contracted the virus or if you are taking care of a sick person

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