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Coronavirus, the official recipe of the handrub formulation developed by WHO

Coronavirus, the official recipe of the handrub formulation developed by WHO

Against coronavirus it is important to strictly follow some rules, such as maintaining a safe distance of, at least, 1 meter, sneezing or coughing in a handkerchief that has to be thrown away, staying at home if you have temperature, but also washing correctly the hands. So, warm water and soap for more than 20 seconds, the advice is in this case to sing twice Happy Birthday , but better if you wash your hands for a whole minutes. Then, you can apply a disinfectant for hands that contains alcohol. The problem is that somebody is trying to have an advantage from this situation and the prices of the disinfectants for hands are raising.
For this reason, the WHO, the world health organization, given the particular situation, published online a recipe to produce at home a disinfectant gel for hands. Let’s see now the recipe to produce 1 liter of disinfectant for hands:
833 ml of 96% alcohol, you find it at the supermarket, it is the same to prepare liquors
42 ml of Hydrogen peroxide 3%, you find it in the chemist’s shops, it has not a specific antiseptic action for hands but it is used to inactivate possible bacterial spores in the solution
15 ml of Glycerol, you find it in chemist’s shops and you can use to create a gel, it is humectant
Pour the alcohol in a cleaned jar. Of course if you pour 832 or 834 ml will be ok, with the instruments that we have at home it is not possible to be more precise. Add the hydrogen peroxide and mix. Add the glycerol and stir with a spoon. Finally, add, until you reach the 1 liter product, distilled water or water that you have first boiled and then let cool down. Stir again and the disinfectant gel is ready. You can apply a little of this product on your hands.
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