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Coronavirus, what we know

Coronavirus, what we know

February 24, 2020
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Coronavirus emergency is growing. We have thought to publish a dedicated article, to write it down we based just on the guide lines of OMS and the scientific studies reported in the most prestigious journals of the field (Heymann et al, The Lancet, 2020). Little is known about this disease and for this reason the only true information is published in the official means of communication. Knowledge and responsibility in this moment can really make the difference.

Coronavirus, what is it

The coronaviruses are actually a family of virus already known since the ’60. On the basis of the type, this virus may cause cold and fever but also more important conditions such as pneumonia or respiratory or renal insufficiency, until death, may happen. The virus that we are dealing now with is a new strain of coronavirus that until now was not identified. This virus has been named by scientists novel Coronavirus and the disease that it causes COVID-19.

Coronavirus, symptoms

The symptoms may be light and can be a cold, fever, sore throat and cough or may become more severe such as pneumonia and respiratory problems. The mortality is low. The persons that are most at risk are elderly and people who already suffer from illness such as diabetes, pulmonary or cardiovascular diseases.

Coronavirus, how is it transmitted

Scientist are still studying the transmission of the virus but in general it happens like a common cold or flu, namely through saliva, for example when somebody sneezes or coughs, with direct contacts with infected persons and by touching with infected hands eyes, nose or mouth. The foods are not carriers of the infections but in any case do not neglect the normal hygiene rules, wash very well fruit and vegetables and avoid the contact between raw and cooked foods.

Coronavirus, habits and prevention

Sneezing and coughing in the crook of the elbow or in a handkerchief that then should be thrown away in a closed trash can. Washing often the hands. Staying at least at 2 meters from people that sneezing or coughing. In general, avoid in this period to shake the hands or to greet each other with kisses.

Coronavirus, how to wash the hands

Washing the hands often for at least 60 seconds with warm water and soap. Wash with accuracy all the surface of the hands, wrists included, don’t neglect the space between the fingers. Then dry the hands with a washcloth that should then be thrown away. For a more complete cleansing it is also possible to use a disinfectant for hands with a minimum content of 60% of alcohol.

Coronavirus, pets and package from China

Package from China, according to OMS, are safe since the virus is able to survive on surfaces just for a few hours, on the basis of the actual knowledge. For now, there isn’t any scientific evidence that pets may carry the virus. In any case, it is a good habit to wash the hands as we have seen on the previous chapter after a contact with animals.

Coronavirus, antibiotics, first aid and masks

It is recommended to wear the masks if there is the suspicion to have contracted the novel coronavirus and if there are symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. Or also if you are taking care of a person that is suspected to have contracted the virus, namely that was recently been in China and has respiratory symptoms. In any case, use always the hygiene rules that we have seen.

Antibiotics aren’t needed for the coronavirus since they act against bacteria and this is a virus.

Every country is activating with further guide lines for the citizens, it is absolutely necessary to follow that indications.

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