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Dry eye, a help from vitamins

June 19, 2021
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Dry eye, a help from vitamins

Inflammation of the eye and dry eye, a help comes from vitamins. Yes, it seems that some vitamins, such as vitamins A and D, both taken internally and applied externally through eye drops, can be beneficial in case of diseases of the surface of the eye, such as conjunctivitis, and in case of dry eye that causes problems such as redness, irritation and blurred vision. This is what emerges from a scientific research published in the journal Nutrients by a group of Italian scientists (Fogagnolo et al, Nutrients, 2021).

Dry eye and vitamins, the connection

Ocular surface diseases are a series of conditions that include conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis but also dry eye, characterized by inflammation and variations in the functionality of the tear film. Vitamins play a key role in proper functioning and ocular health. In fact, vitamins A, C and E are physiologically present on the ocular surface and determine good cellular functioning. Vitamins B and D, on the other hand, support the immune and nervous systems, always helping to protect vision. This is why it is important to establish whether oral intake or topical use of these vitamins may play a role in the case of ocular surface and dry eye diseases.

The study

To understand this, the scientists performed a research taking into consideration previous studies and evaluating the impact of using vitamin-based supplements and eye drops on eye health.

Vitamins, supplements and eye drops, here are the results

In case of ascertained vitamin D deficiency, it has been observed that the integration of this vitamin has been beneficial in case of dry eye syndrome, since tearing, and the lubrication of the eye, were increased. Instead, as regards topical application, only vitamin A has been shown to be effective in case of dry eye, also increasing the lubrication of the eye and improving the protective film. Not only that, in case of patients with dry eye resistant to normal treatments it was recently observed that the topical use of vitamin A is effective and brings relief with results similar to those of cyclosporine-based eye drops, a treatment that is used when other eye drops do not bring the expected results. In case of dry eye, eye drops with a mix of vitamins and fatty acids, such as vitamin A, D and Omega 3 are also useful. An eye drop of this type can also be of help after surgery but, in these cases, it is always better ask your doctor for advice.

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