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Eating chilli helps against dry eyes, eyestrain and glaucoma

Eating chilli helps against dry eyes, eyestrain and glaucoma

December 22, 2022
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A sprinkling of chilli pepper on your food is a real extra touch, which gives taste but also health! In fact, chilli pepper is a precious source of vitamin C, it fights hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular diseases. And from today we know that eating chilli also has another benefit, that of protecting eyesight and improving dry eye syndrome. This emerges from a very recent scientific research published in the Journal of Food Biochemistry by a group of Indian scientists (Shanmugham et al, J Food Biochem, 2022).

Dry eye, causes and consequences

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that, it is estimated, can affect up to 34% of the world's population, but this figure is, in reality, constantly growing. In the presence of dry eye, the conjunctiva and cornea are chronically dehydrated and, consequently, irritated. The reason is to be found in a qualitative alteration or a quantitative reduction of the tear film, which would have the task of protecting and lubricating the eye. Dry eye syndrome presents with itching and burning in the eyes, but also photophobia, blurred vision, tired and red eyes. The causes of this syndrome are very varied. A factor that aggravates dry eye syndrome is certainly age, but also the use of eye drops, especially if they contain preservatives, especially benzalkonium chloride, contact lenses, some drugs such as antihistamines, antihypertensives or anxiolytics, and some diseases may play a role in the development of this condition. It therefore appears clear how necessary it is to find natural remedies without side effects that can treat and relieve dry eye syndrome.

A substance contained in chilli contrasts dry eye, the study

In order to understand the action of red chilli on eye health, the scientists of the study we are talking about today have elaborated a research performed in the laboratory on a population of mice. The mice had eye drop-induced dry eye syndrome. Some of the mice were given capsanthin, which is the pigment responsible for the orange-red color of chilli peppers. Well, oral intake of capsanthin has led to an improvement in dry eye syndrome, a reduction in eye discomfort and vision problems. In fact, corneal inflammation was reduced and the functionality of the tear film improved. In particular, the chilli pigment increased the time required to observe tear film breakup with the appearance of the first dry spot on the cornea after an eye blink, this means that the eye remained hydrated for longer. But the benefits of capsanthin don't end there. In fact, scientists have also observed a reduction in intraocular pressure, which makes chilli peppers a valuable ally in the fight against glaucoma.


From today we have another excellent reason to add chilli peppers to our diet, always without exaggerating and as part of a varied and balanced diet. In fact, capsanthin, a substance found in chili peppers, helps protect eyesight from the damage of high eye pressure and reduces the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, making the tear film more efficient. Capsanthin is not only found in red chilli peppers but also in sweet peppers, as long as they are red.

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