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Eating eggs is so bad? Science says no

Eating eggs is so bad? Science says no

For years eggs have been considered a dangerous food for the health of heart and the levels of cholesterol. However, recent studies show that the situation is different and that, on the contrary, eggs may have a protective role on cardiovascular health, but let’s see in detail the studies.
A Chinese team (Chenxi Qin et al, Heart, 2018) has analyzed the habits of 0,5 million of healthy adults aged 30-79 and has followed them for 9 years. The scientists have observed that those people who have a moderate intake of eggs, up to 1 egg per day, have a significantly lower cardiovascular risk. The study doesn’t investigate the reason of this connection between eating eggs and lower cardiovascular risk but the results are clear and are linked to another study, carried out by University of Sydney (Fuller et al, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,2018). The researchers have observed that a high egg diet, up to 12 eggs per week, in people with pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 doesn’t increase the cardiovascular risk. Of course the eggs should be inserted in a healthy and balanced diet that replaces saturated fats, such as butter, with unsaturated fats, such as olive oil. At the end of the study no adverse changes in cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure have been observed. The author of the study, Dr Fulled, in order to explain these data highlights that eggs contain cholesterol but are also a powerful source of proteins and micronutrients, such as carotenoids and vitamins, that work for the health of blood vessels and heart.
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