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Eating in company helps keep at bay body weight

Eating in company helps keep at bay body weight

Thanks to the latest studies, we are finding out that choosing the foods to prepare our dishes is a very important step for the health, but other key aspects are also food combination and … how we eat. On the basis of a very recent study published on the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition by a team of French scientists (Ducrot et al, Br J Nutr, 2018), eating together with other people, staying at a table and considering meals as a moment of pleasure may have a role in overweight and obesity prevention.
In particular, the scientists have taken the French model as an example of staying at the table and eating. To French people is indeed related the so called French paradox. Although they have a diet rich in saturated fats dangerous for the heart, eating in fact high quantities of cheeses, cream and butter, French people show a low incidence of cardiovascular diseases. One of the reason of this finding may be the way French people use to stay at table, namely three meals at day, at set times, sitting at a table with other people and considering the meals as a moment of pleasure. The study has analyzed the habits of more than 47 000 persons and has observed that those people who exhibited higher adherence to the model were also less likely to be overweight. Although other studies are needed to analyze deeper this correlation between body weight and the way of eating, this work has made possible to understand the importance of the meal and of the time that should be dedicated to eating, all too often undervalued.
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