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Five types of tea and the health is served in cup

Five types of tea and the health is served in cup

June 04, 2019
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Drinking tea is a relaxing moment, a time dedicated to socialization, a break that connects us with nature but it is also health. A lot of health, according to several scientific studies that have analyzed the beneficial properties of different types of tea, from the well-known green tea to the less famous white tea, oolong tea, pu-erh and yellow tea. The latest study in order of time dates back to April 2019 and is the work published on the journal Food and Function by Chinese scientists (Liu et al).

The researchers have studied the effects on the body of 5 extracts of different types of tea, as mentioned before. All the drinks are obtained from the same plant, the Camellia sinensis, but have different names on the basis of the different processing that changes the composition and therefore the properties. We are speaking about green tea, that is an unoxidized tea characterized for this reason by a fresh and light taste, white tea, oolong and yellow tea, that are partly oxidized teas, and the pu-erh tea, a Chinese fermented tea obtained from the leaves of green tea. In particular, the scientists have focused their attention on the changes of important markers such as cholesterol, triglycerides, the weight gain and the inflammations after the intake of tea extracts. What has been pointed out is that all the types of tea are able to reduce the fat accumulation and to relieve fatty liver, although with different mechanisms. Indeed, their different composition leads to a different regulation of the lipid metabolism-related proteins. White tea has the best anti-obesity effect induced by an increase in energy expenditure. With a similar mechanism, but to a slightly lesser extent, act also yellow and oolong tea. While green tea and pu-erh inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids. Finally, all the types of studied tea have proved to be able to counteract inflammations.

Drinking tea is for sure a healthy choice but also changing the type of tea is important because, as we saw, the five different types of drinks act with different mechanisms by counteracting overweight and chronic inflammations.

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