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For the health of heart are more important the foods to eat that those to avoid

For the health of heart are more important the foods to eat that those to avoid

Do you have high cholesterol levels? Don’t eat eggs, pay attention with sweets, fats are avoided … in years these recommendations had followed us like a mantra. However, scientific research has started modifying its position about the link between diet, cholesterol and cardiovascular risk. Indeed, the “banned” foods are being rehabilitated, eggs, in fact, if eaten with moderation and inside a well-balanced diet, bring precious antioxidants and vitamins, there are the good fats, such as that contained in the extra virgin olive oil, protective for the heart, and sometimes a sweet is allowed if prepared with unrefined flours and sugar. Moreover, scientists are observing that often the heart-protective foods are more important than the foods that should be limited in determining the health of heart. This is the result also of a recent study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Nutrition in Baltimore between the 8 and 11 June.
The researchers observed, in particular, that several heart disorders are caused by a poor intake of fruits, vegetables and legumes. So, we aren’t speaking about the not-permitted foods but about the best foods to favor to protect ourselves from the risk of developing a cardiovascular illness. According to the study, eating a low amount of fruit may cause about 14% of the total number of heart related illnesses, in 2010 this meant about 1,8 million deaths, while a low amount of vegetables may cause until 9% of all the heart problems, namely about 1 million deaths for cardiovascular diseases. Fruits and vegetables bring fibers, magnesium, potassium and antioxidant substances that protect the heart in addition to the intestinal tract, reduce the risk of obesity and thus the cardiovascular risk. And what about the optimum amount of fruits and vegetables? The scientists have estimated 300 grams of fruit every day, about 2 apples to give you an idea, and 400 grams of vegetables and legumes.
The study would like to stimulate the daily intake of fruits and vegetables, these are little daily choices but with huge benefits for the health!
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