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From pine a protection against gastritis and inflammation of the lungs

From pine a protection against gastritis and inflammation of the lungs

November 04, 2021
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Pine extracts help against inflammation and protect the lungs and stomach. This is what emerges from a very recent scientific research published in the journal Molecules by a team of Korean scientists (Kim et al, Molecules, 2021).

The two faces of inflammation

In our body there is a defense mechanism against external threats, such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, fine dust and toxins. This mechanism is inflammation. However, inflammation must begin and end in a balanced way, it must not be excessive or stay chronic, otherwise damage to body tissues can occur and, in the long run, this condition can increase the risk of chronic diseases and cancers. For this reason, scientists are constantly looking for natural extracts without side effects and that are able to modulate the inflammatory response, adjusting it so that it is not too high and that, once the threat has passed, can end.

The anti-inflammatory properties of pine

The extracts obtained from pine branches are considered very interesting, since, thanks to the resins they contain, they are painkillers and show antioxidant, antifungal, anticancer and antiviral properties. Herbal teas made from pine needles and twigs help soothe coughs, even with phlegm, and colds. Given these properties, scientists have wondered whether pine extracts can also be considered to help regulate inflammation. Laboratory experiments were then performed which showed the pine's ability to modulate the inflammatory response, avoiding excessive production of pro-inflammatory substances. This is noteworthy, because when the inflammatory response is excessive it can even increase the risk of blood clots. Not only that, the researchers also observed that pine extracts have been shown to be useful in alleviating the symptoms of gastritis and lung inflammation as well as protecting the stomach and lungs from possible damage caused by the inflammatory response.


So nature has given us another, precious ally, to take care of ourselves, the pine! For this reason, green light for herbal teas prepared with its needles to relieve stomach pains and to protect the health of the lungs and of the entire body. Bring a cup of water to a boil, remove from heat, add a teaspoon of chopped needles and let it sit for ten minutes, then filter and drink.

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