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From turmeric and cardamom the compound that regenerates the hair

August 23, 2022
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From turmeric and cardamom the compound that regenerates the hair

Thin hair and hair loss? From today there is a new ally. It is a natural substance called alpinetin, contained, for example, in turmeric, black cardamom but also in red sage. Well, this substance has been shown to regenerate the hair, strengthening it and lengthening the phase in which the hair is alive and growing. This emerges from a very recent scientific research published in the Chinese Medicine journal (Fan et al, Chin Med, 2022).

Alopecia, possible treatments

Alopecia is a common disorder. Hair loss is estimated to affect up to 85% of men and 40% of women. It is not a disease or a condition with health effects, but certainly those who suffer from it can have psychological repercussions. This is why science is constantly looking for remedies to combat thinning and subsequent hair loss. There are medicines with recognized efficacy, such as minoxidil and finasteride, which work by inhibiting male hormones. However, oral intake of these substances has shown several side effects. This is why attention is now being focused on topical treatments, which are well tolerated and without side effects.

The action of apinetin against alopecia

The research we are talking about today has studied the effects of a substance, apinetin, contained in turmeric, black cardamom, red sage, bakuchi, from which the famous bakuchiol is obtained, and astragalus. The research took place in the laboratory, on a population of mice whose coats were shaved to mimic a condition of alopecia. Subsequently, apinetin was applied to the mice. Well, apinetin was able to regenerate the hair, that is, reactivate it, promoting the anagen phase. The anagen phase is the first phase of the hair's life cycle and corresponds to its growth. Not only that, apinetin has been able to delay the catagen phase, or regression phase, in which the hair follicle shrinks and the hair is gradually carried to the more superficial layers of the epidermis, ready to fall in the subsequent phases. Finally, apinetin has been shown to be well tolerated and not harmful to the skin.


Apinetin is soluble in oil and penetrates well into the skin, where it can exert its beneficial action. So here you can try to make hair masks based on a carrier oil, coconut oil is excellent, in which a couple of drops of essential oil are added, for example of turmeric or black cardamom essential oil. Apply to damp scalp and leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse. Given the antiseptic, sebum-regulating and antimicrobial action of these essential oils, you can also benefit in case of dandruff and itchy scalp.

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