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From parsley a help for our health

From parsley a help for our health

This is the result of a study performed in 2011 at University of Missouri, USA, and published on the scientific journal Cancer Prevention Research. The researchers have observed that apigenin, a flavonoid present in high quantity in parsley, has a chemopreventive effect and is able to inhibit the proliferation and the growth of breast cancer cells.
The study has been focused, in particular, on how to block the cancers caused by the use of progestinic as a component of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. The data of the research speak for themselves, in the cases with high risk as a consequence of the use of progestinic apigenin has been demonstrated to be a powerful substance able to decrease the incidence of cancers or, if already present, to slow down their growth.
Apigenin is found in parsley but also in celery, oranges, apples and nuts. For now the studies have not yet been carried out on humans and for this reason we don’t know the right dosage. However, dr Hyder, head of the team that performed the research, highlighted that it is very important to have a minimum quantity of apigenin in blood in order to counteract cancer growth, so his advice is to take a bit of parsley, celery or a fruit each day. But not exceed with the quantity, parsley indeed can cause problems in pregnant women because it may induce abortion, then, pay attention if you are taking anticoagulant for possible interactions or if you suffer from renal problems.
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