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From raspberries an aid against diabetes

May 28, 2019
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From raspberries an aid against diabetes

That raspberries are a precious source of antioxidants useful to counteract cancers and the damages of free radicals is well known to scientists, but now we also know that raspberries may be really helpful to counteract diabetes and prediabetes. This is the result of two very recent scientific researches, published one on the journal Obesity by a team of the University of Illinois (Xiao et al, Apr 2019) and the other on the Annals of nutrition and metabolism by the scientists of Oklahoma State University (Schell et al, Feb 2019).

The scientists from Illinois University divided the participants to the study, all with obesity, insulin resistance and a condition called prediabetes, into three groups. The first group was asked to take 125 grams, namely one cup, of frozen raspberries, the second 250 grams, namely two cups, of frozen raspberries and the third group didn’t eat raspberries at all. All the participants were asked to eat, together with raspberries, a challenge breakfast from the glycemic load point of view, rich in carbs and fats. After 2 hours from the meal those who had eaten raspberries showed lower sugar levels in blood, also the insulin peak was lower and this means that there was a lower require of that substance. These results have also been confirmed by the research of the Oklahoma State University, that observed that raspberries are able not only to reduce blood sugar levels but also to counteract inflammations, linked to high levels of blood sugar.

Other studies will follow in order to understand the protective role of raspberries in case of prediabetes and diabetes, by analyzing the effects on larger samples of population and by understanding in detail the mechanism of action, but for sure these first results indicate that a little healthy choice may be to introduce the raspberries, also frozen, in the diet. For example, you can add the raspberries to the breakfast yogurt, better if plant based.

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