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Jasmine oil, the essence for the day that gives energy and vitality and counteracts fatigue and depression

Jasmine oil, the essence for the day that gives energy and vitality and counteracts fatigue and depression

With a sweet, intense and fascinating fragrance, jasmine is a flower that does not go unnoticed, attracting the attention of those who are nearby! And from today, we also know that its precious aroma is able to act in the brain by stimulating concentration, attention, strength, vitality and well-being and at the same time reducing sleepiness and depression. This emerges from various scientific researches dedicated to the topic, today we are discussing one of these researches, a study published a few years ago in the Journal of Health Research by a Thai team (Sayowan et al, J Health Res, 2013).

The properties of jasmine oil

Jasmine oil is a source of active ingredients with a toning, antidepressant action, capable of regenerating the body and mind, increasing the sensation of feeling energetic and improving memory. The study we are talking about today tried to understand the action of jasmine oil on brain waves and how this can explain the effects on mood, memory and concentration.

How jasmine oil increases vitality, the study

Scientists have recruited 20 people, between the ages of 18 and 32. The volunteers were subjected to the electroencephalogram examination before, during and after the experiment which involved inhaling first only sweet almond oil and then sweet almond oil mixed with jasmine essential oil. Not only that, the volunteers were also asked to fill out a questionnaire indicating their state of mind after inhaling the oils. What emerged was that after inhaling the essential oil of jasmine, the scientists observed a change in the brain waves in the volunteers. In particular, beta waves were stimulated, which are associated with states of wakefulness and mental activity. Not only that, the volunteers, after inhaling jasmine oil, reported feeling fresher, toned and in a state of well-being, while the feeling of numbness, drowsiness and depression that some felt before the experiment had decreased.


Therefore, the aroma of jasmine is the aroma that can accompany us during the day, toning our mind and body, giving us energy, attention, vitality and desire to do things and reducing sadness, fears and depressions. We can surround ourselves with jasmine plants or we can use its essential oil. Jasmine oil is a precious essence but it can also be diluted in other oils, such as jojoba oil.
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