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More health if you prefer plant based proteins

More health if you prefer plant based proteins

Science says it, when you substitute red meat with sources of plant based proteins, such as legumes, soy and nuts then the markers of the cardiovascular risk improve. This is the result of a study performed by a team of the prestigious Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston and published on the journal Circulation a few weeks ago (Guash-Ferrè et al, Circulation, Apr 2019).
The researchers have analyzed the habits and the markers of the cardiovascular risk, namely the values of cholesterol, total and LDL, the bad one, the triglycerides and the blood pressure, of 1803 persons by collecting the data from 36 trials. Well, the scientists observed that people who substituted red meat with legumes, soy and nuts showed lower values of total and LDL cholesterol than the people who had a high intake of red meat. In addition to this, people who introduced in their diet plant based proteins had, in the long run, a lower risk of developing a disease of the cardiovascular system. These beneficial effects aren’t observed when red meat is replaced with fish and carbohydrates.
As observed by the authors of the study, led by professor Stampfer, this is another proof of the validity of the Mediterranean Diet, a healthy nutrition system based on a high intake of plant based foods.
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