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Not only classical music, the flute also strengthens the immune system and protects the brain

Not only classical music, the flute also strengthens the immune system and protects the brain

Music has an effect on the brain and the immune system, calms, relaxes, improves neuroplasticity and cognitive functions and reduces inflammation. But not all types of music are equally beneficial. Much research has been directed on the properties of classical music, such as the works by Mozart and Vivaldi, demonstrating its clear neuroprotective action. However, classical music may not appeal to everyone. From today we know that even the flute can do its part for the health of the brain and the immune system, in particular, Balinese music played with the flute has been particularly beneficial, as indicated in a recent scientific research carried out by an Indonesian team (Adnyana et al, Open Access Maced J Med Sci., 2020).
The researchers recruited nearly 50 people, all elderly, and divided them into two groups. The first group was asked to listen to music from Vivaldi's Spring, Primavera, every day for 20 minutes. The second group, on the other hand, listened to Balinese music played with the flute. The experiment lasted three weeks. The scientists measured, both at the beginning and at the end of the study, the cognitive performance of the volunteers using a test, called Montreal Cognitive Assessment, used to evaluate the work of the brain and the possible presence of cognitive impairment. Not only that, the values ??of BNDF, or cerebral neutrophic factor, which plays an essential role in neuroplasticity, and interleukin 6, a marker of inflammation, were also evaluated. What emerged is that Balinese flute music is in no way inferior to classical music in terms of its beneficial effects on the brain and immune system. In fact, both groups, both those who had listened to classical music and those who had listened to Balinese music, showed a marked improvement in tests aimed at evaluating cognitive function. Not only that, in both cases the presence of BNDF was increased, which is a signal of brain health, which is more plastic and active, and at the same time the amount of interleukin 6 was decreased, indicating a reduction in generalized inflammation. Countering the levels of chronic inflammation supports the work of the immune system which would otherwise be weakened.
In our relax area section from now on you are also able to listen to a relaxing flute music! Just have a look in our playlist and have an enjoyable, calming and healthy time! You can find the music with the name Balinese Flute.
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