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Pears protect the heart, the brain and fight diabetes!

Pears protect the heart, the brain and fight diabetes!

Pears are very tasty and also healthy fruits! Researchers from Tufts University in Boston published an article a few months ago in which they summarize the main findings of previous studies and take stock of the health effects that eating pears can bring. The research was published in the journal Current Developments in Nutrition (Gayer et al, Curr Dev Nutr, 2019).
The research considered the contribution of one pear per day. What emerged is that eating one pear a day leads to a reduction in the ratio between waist and hips. The benefits were observed already after a month and a half from the start of the study. Not only that, in three months the daily intake of a pear has proved useful in lowering systolic blood pressure in people with a high cardiovascular risk. However, there were no changes in diastolic blood pressure. Including pears in one's diet has also shown beneficial effects in the fight against diabetes. In fact, in those who consumed pears there was a significant decrease in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Finally, the intake of pears is associated with a reduction in the body mass index and in the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, that is, alterations of the brain due to problems with the blood vessels that supply this part of the body.
What has been observed can be traced back to the fact that pears are a source of fiber but also of antioxidant substances, such as flavonoids, which are protective for the health of blood vessels and for the cardiovascular system.
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