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Plant proteins and greater longevity

Plant proteins and greater longevity

What we eat affects our health and can even change our life expectancy. A very recent research has tried to understand the role and impact of animal and vegetable proteins introduced with the diet on health. The results of the study were published in The BMJ, The British medical Journal, by an American and Iranian team (Naghshi et al, BMJ, July 2020).
The researchers have based on more than 30 previous studies capable of covering a time of 32 years. Thanks to these data, the researchers were able to understand if the different types of proteins could influence the state of health and cause or prevent diseases. What emerged was that the proteins of plant origin, compared to the proteins of animal origin, had reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by 12% and, in general, of death from all causes by 8%, thus contributing to extend life and improve health. Not only that, the researchers also managed to estimate that a 3% increase in calories introduced with foods rich in plant based proteins was able to reduce death from all causes by 5%.
Therefore, the conclusion is that replacing, at least in part, foods rich in animal proteins with foods rich in plant based proteins is a choice associated with greater longevity. And what are the foods rich in vegetable proteins? For example legumes, such as peas, lentils or beans, but also whole grains and nuts.
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