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Rosehips are a promising remedy for cancer prevention

Rosehips are a promising remedy for cancer prevention

November 12, 2022
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Rosehip extracts are characterized by important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, also useful to support the immune system. Not only that, as emerges from the research we are talking about today, rosehip also has an antitumor action, helping, in particular, in the prevention of a form of drug-resistant cell degeneration of the breast. The study was published in the FASEB Journal by a team of American scientists from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (Cagle et al, FASEB Journal, 2015).

The properties of rosehips - Rosehips develop at the end of the flowering of the rosa canina plant and appear as edible berries with a fleshy consistency and a bright red color. These berries are rich in vitamin C and have been shown to counteract inflammation, free radical damage and intestinal problems such as diarrhea, they are gastro protective, useful for reducing the accumulation of visceral fat but also for strengthening the immune system. Rosehips are also anticancer. In particular, studies have found that rose hips help fight cancers of the colon, lungs and liver. The study we are talking about today showed the antitumor action of rosehips in the case of triple negative breast cancer, which is one of the most resistant forms of cell degeneration to treatments.

Rosehips against breast cancer, the study

Researchers treated breast tissues, which had cellular degeneration, with rosehip extracts, in a concentration ranging from 0.25 to 1mg / mL. What was observed is that all the rosehip extracts led to a reduction in the proliferation of cancer cells, with the greatest results, a 50% reduction, induced by the extracts with the highest concentration, namely 1 mg / mL. Not only that, the rosehip extracts also reduced the migration of cancer cells in a percentage between 25 and 45%, based on the concentration of the extract. Scientists have also been able to observe that rosehip extracts are able to inhibit the action of two enzymes, MAPK and Akt, which promote tumor growth of triple negative breast cancer.


Rose hips can be found in the form of extract or dried for the preparation of herbal teas. It is worth noting that important antioxidants, such as vitamin C, ellagic acid and quercetin, to which the anticancer properties and the support action to the immune system are attributed, are water-soluble. However, at this point it is necessary to make a clarification. The study does not want to indicate that it is enough to take rosehip tablets or drink cups of tea made from its berries to cure cellular degeneration. What emerges from the study is a really interesting antiproliferative property of rose hips that we can use within a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle in order to prevent cell degeneration.

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