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Sing and clean your brain, your nose and relax

November 04, 2019
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Sing and clean your brain, your nose and relax

Humming to yourself, singing aloud and some meditation yoga exercises such as the bee breath, a breathing technique that makes a sound like a buzzing, what have they in common? The vibrations of the vocal cords that arrive to the brain. And these vibrations are really important for our health since help detox the brain, clean the nasal cavities and induce relaxation. This statement is demonstrated by three scientific studies, one very recent, published a few months ago in the International Journal of Yoga by an Indian team (Abishek et al, May-Aug 2019), another published a few years ago on the same journal (Kalyani et al, 2011) and finally a study published in the Medical Hypotheses in 1988 by two American doctors (Jindrak et al, 1988).

The study of 1988, in particular, has observed that the vibrations produced while singing, even during humming with closed mouth, reach the brain. Our skull, the result of a long evolution process, is such that the vibrations propagate. These vibrations make a massage that stimulates the release of the metabolic waste of the brain in the cerebrospinal fluid, moreover, they speed up the renewal process of this fluid and, as a consequence, the detox processes of the brain. This result is demonstrated also by the fact that the Neanderthal man, one of our ancestors, with a 15% larger skull not subjected to vibrations has a polluted brain. For what concerns the vibrations produced by yoga, it has been observed that a particular pranayama, that is a breathing technique, called bee breathing, namely during exhalation a sound similar to the buzzing of a bee is produced, improves the symptoms of the chronical sinusitis by promoting the cleansing process and the removal of the mucus with an anti inflammatory process.

Moreover, not just the bee breathing but also the famous yoga syllable OM makes vibrations that, on the basis of the study of 2011, stimulates the vagal nerve with a relaxing and beneficial effect against depression.

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