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Supplements to protect the skin from sun, do they work?

Supplements to protect the skin from sun, do they work?

As we have seen in previous posts, the sun has important benefits for our health, from the improvement of mood to the synthesis of vitamin D. However, a part of solar radiation, in particular the ultraviolet radiation, may result dangerous if we don’t protect us properly with sunscreen creams. Together with sunscreen creams also the use of supplements such as carotenoids and vitamins is making its way in order to give a higher protective effect. A few months ago a review was published in the journal Frontier in Medicines thanks to the work of a team of Spanish researches in collaboration with American and Austrian scientists (Parrado et al, Front Med, Jun 2018).
It is important to underline that a supplement cannot replace a sunscreen cream, however, these supplements may be used as a complement treatment. The supplements are useful indeed to prevent photoaging, they strengthen the skin, are antioxidant, counteract inflammation and are also anti cancer. In this way the skin can be protected from the inside and outside. But let’s see better in detail. In particular, the lycopene, a carotenoid contained in tomatoes and in general in all red fruits except cherries and strawberries, has proven to be able to soothe the erythema caused by sun. Also the complex vitamin C and vitamin E is helpful to reduce erythema while the vitamin C alone doesn’t show any benefits. Lycopene and astaxanthin, that is a substance contained, for example, in krill, counteract the damages of free radicals, the inflammations of the tissues and act with an anti cancer action. Lutein, a substance contained in spinach, broccoli and green beans, is anti aging and antioxidant, moreover, especially if taken together with zeaxanthin, abundant in corn, it is able to reduce the dangerous effects of UVB rays.
Here for you some indications about the supplements that should be favored during the summer, but also the diet rich in fruits and vegetables, source of these substances mentioned in the article, may be really helpful since several studies, whose data are reported in the review, have analyzed the effects of diet and not only of supplements in the form of pills.
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