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Swimming for heart and lung health

August 06, 2020
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Swimming for heart and lung health

Swimming at the sea or in the pool, anywhere, but the important thing is to swim. We have often talked about the benefits of brisk walking, yoga or pilates, but, without taking anything away from these activities, also swimming can be really helpful for the health of the body. This is evidenced by various scientific studies, such as the works published by an English team in the journal Sports Medicine [1] or that performed a few years earlier by a group of Korean scientists and available in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation [2].

What emerges from the studies under examination is that, even in non-professional and amateur swimmers, swimming improves the ability of the circulatory and respiratory systems to supply the skeletal muscles with oxygen during normal physical activity. Not only that, swimming reduces body mass index and body fat. Sixty minutes of swimming three times a week for twelve weeks have proven capable of increasing the resistance to fatigue and flexibility of the body, but, above all, have reduced the values ??of total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time, swimming increased the values ??of good HDL cholesterol.

In short, swimming is a sport activity that everyone can do, it can be practiced in all seasons, for those lucky enough to be at the sea, it can be done even in total freedom and without costs and it results to be able to bring great health benefits to body, heart, circulatory and respiratory systems.

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