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Swollen legs? A help from Siberian ginseng

Swollen legs? A help from Siberian ginseng

July 15, 2019

Siberian ginseng, also called eleuthero, scientific name Eleutherococcus senticosus, is a bush from which a very interesting natural remedy is obtained. This remedy is characterized by a tonic and revitalizing action, able to improve the physical conditions of the body. Well, a scientific study has highlighted another property of Siberian ginseng. This remedy has proven to be able to reduce water retention in lower limbs. The research was published a few years ago in the journal Nutritional research by a team of Japanese scientists (Ukada et al, Nutr Res, Jul 2016).

Scientists divided 50 women into two groups. One group was asked to take eleutherococcus powder, the other group took nothing but was used as a comparison. After just 2 hours, the group that was treated with Siberian ginseng showed, compared with the other group, a significant reduction of edema of legs. The scientists observed that the anti edema action of eleutherococcus is linked to its ability to promote lymphatic circulation.

Also in this case nature has proven to be able to provide us with a remedy for a very common disorder such as swollen legs and water retention, especially when it is hot weather.

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