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Tea help against fatty liver and to reduce cholesterol, body weight and waistline!

September 01, 2022
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Tea help against fatty liver and to reduce cholesterol, body weight and waistline!

Against fatty liver but also to counteract overweight and reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar, drink tea! Especially green tea and white tea, while black tea has even proved to be the least effective. This is what emerges from two very recent scientific researches. The first research was published in the journal Medicines by a group of American researchers from the University of Houston (Abunofal et al, Medicines, 2022), while the second appeared in the journal Gene (Li et al, Gene, 2022).

The problem of fatty liver

Fatty liver, or hepatic steatosis, is a chronic condition characterized by the excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. Fatty liver often does not give symptoms but, if not properly treated, in the long run it can evolve into inflammation of the liver, called steatohepatitis, but also into fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver tumors. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes, have obesity, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia or follow a diet that is too high in fat have a greater risk of developing fatty liver. Although there are currently no medicines to treat fatty liver, some strategies can prevent it or mitigate its symptoms, such as following a healthy and balanced diet, practicing regular and moderate physical activity, but also resorting to some natural remedies that have the purpose to counteract the accumulation of fat and protect the liver from inflammation and oxidative stress. Teas belong to this category. But let's understand better.

Green tea against fatty liver and for reducing body weight

Green tea is particularly rich in antioxidant substances, such as epigallocatechin gallate, with a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical action. Green tea helps restore lipid metabolism, counteracting body weight gain and reducing the size of adipose tissue, cholesterol, triglycerides and waist circumference. Not only that, green tea helps to counteract fatty liver disease but also inflammation, which is one of its consequences. It is also very interesting that studies report, in addition to these benefits, also an increase in the liver's ability to regenerate following the intake of green tea.

The properties of white tea for liver health

Less famous than green tea but certainly more valuable, white tea also has its say when it comes to fatty liver. White tea extracts have been shown to be able to regulate lipid metabolism at the level of human adipocytes, which are adipose tissue cells. Not only that, white tea counteracts obesity, the accumulation of fat but above all fatty liver and possible liver damage that could result. In particular, white tea counteracts fatty liver by reducing inflammation and activating genes associated with energy expenditure. What happens is that white tea inhibits the accumulation of fat, favoring its use instead.


We can do a lot, therefore, for the health of our liver starting right now. Surely a healthy and balanced diet, without excess fat, combined with moderate physical activity is a valid ally, as well as guaranteeing a good quality sleep. In fact, as we explained in our previous article, disturbed sleep can increase the risk of fatty liver. Hence the importance of not going to sleep too late in the evening and limiting daytime naps but also the consumption of alcohol. From today we also know that both green and white tea can help by counteracting hepatic steatosis and also avoiding its possible course, reducing body weight gain, waistline, triglycerides, cholesterol and inflammation.

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