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The breakfast that protects the liver and counteracts obesity and the desire for sweets

July 13, 2023
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The breakfast that protects the liver and counteracts obesity and the desire for sweets

Enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack, here are the smoothies that help fight obesity, the desire to eat sweets and unhealthy foods and fatty liver. Really not bad, and even more fascinating is understanding how these delicious smoothies act inside our body. But if you think we're talking about terrible, undrinkable drinks, well, you're definitely wrong. These results have been achieved with smoothies that are simply delicious, easy to prepare and just right for every day. Are you intrigued? Well, then let's try to understand better on the basis of two recent scientific researches.

Strawberry and banana smoothie against fatty liver

The first research was published in the journal Chemico-biological interactions by a Brazilian team (Torres Quitete et al, Chem Biol Interact, 2021). The study was carried out in a laboratory on a population of mice and observed the effects of an antioxidant-rich fruit smoothie on liver health. The smoothie in question was prepared with strawberry, banana and jucara, which is the fruit of the Euterpe edulis plant, very similar to the acai with which it can be replaced. The mice were divided into four groups. The first group ate a standard diet, the second a standard diet plus the fruit smoothie, the third a high-fat diet, and the fourth a high-fat diet plus the smoothie. Well, what emerged is that mice fed a high-fat diet actually had higher body weights than mice fed the standard diet. However, those who had taken, together with the diet rich in fats, also the smoothie, had a lower accumulation of fats, lower blood sugar values but above all a healthier liver with a reduction in fatty liver disease. In addition, the smoothie allowed to increase the antioxidants in the liver, thus offering greater protection to this organ.

Walnut smoothie against obesity and the craving for sweets

The second study was published in the journal Diabetes, obesity and metabolism thanks to the work of an American team (Farr et al, Diabetes Obes Metab, 2018). Research has tried to understand the benefits of eating walnuts in case of obesity. Previous studies had already had the opportunity to show that the consumption of about 30 grams a day, for at least five days a week, of nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, reduces cardiovascular risk by 35% and improves cholesterol. Not only that, walnuts help reduce the risk of developing diabetes and obesity, it is believed for their content in alpha linolenic acid, which is an omega 3. However, the real mechanism had never been fully understood. Instead, American research has shown that the consumption of nuts can also act on the central nervous system by changing how we relate to food, but let's try to understand better. The scientists recruited 10 obese adults with a body mass index greater than 30. Half of the volunteers were served a smoothie containing 48 grams of walnuts for breakfast in the morning, while the other half received, for five days, a placebo smoothie containing only nut flavor and a vegetable oil to arrive at the same calories as the first smoothie.

Then, the participants were shown photographs of foods, more or less fatty, more or less processed, at the same time measuring the brain response through medical diagnostic tests. What emerged is that walnuts have been able to regulate the brain response, activating those areas of the insula, which is a part of the brain, related to control and choice, capable of curbing the desire for "forbidden" and unhealthy foods and to prefer instead healthier, low-fat and low-calorie foods with benefits for body weight and blood sugar.


The articles offer interesting ideas for preparing colorful, tasty and even healthy breakfasts and snacks, rich in antioxidants and capable of counteracting fatty liver, hypercholesterolemia, weight gain and even the craving for sweets and unhealthy foods that would inevitably make you fat and raise your blood sugar. Bananas, acai, which you can find in the form of powder or frozen pulp in supermarkets and specialized shops, strawberries and walnuts are the ingredients of these health smoothies, all to be experimented and enjoyed.

A few ideas for smoothies

Little ideas for making healthy smoothies couldn't be missing. For example, to benefit from the power of walnuts, combining at the same time the antioxidants of the apple and the refreshing and hypoglycemic action of cinnamon, here is this recipe. Blend the pulp of an organic apple with the peel together with 30 grams of walnuts, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a glass of nut milk and a couple of dates. Or again, you can blend a glass of almond milk together with 30 grams of walnuts and 100 grams of mixed berries. The classic smoothie is instead the one obtained by blending two bananas, a dozen well-washed strawberries together with 100 ml of water or coconut water. You can add acai if you have it available, but also a few blueberries if you like.

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