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The new natural allies against hair loss

February 03, 2024
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The new natural allies against hair loss

Fermented papaya, fermented mangosteen and rosehip oil are three natural remedies that have been shown to combat hair loss and bring benefits to the scalp, making it less thin and reducing inflammation and irritation. Let's delve deeper into what two recent scientific studies say on this topic.

Research aimed at identifying new natural remedies useful for combating hair loss and improving the health and appearance of our hair is increasingly turning to the natural world. Rose hips, but also mangosteen, or Garcinia mangostana, and fermented papaya could be the new allies to take care of our hair. Let's try to understand better on the basis of two very recent scientific studies.

Hair loss, help from papaya and mangosteen

The research was published in the journal Biomolecules thanks to a collaboration between Swiss and Russian scientists and focused on the effects of two fermented fruits, papaya and mangosteen, against hair loss (Mayer et al, Biomolecules, 2023). The scientists recruited 154 people, all with androgenetic alopecia, the most common form of baldness, and telogen effluvium, which is a temporary, widespread increase in hair loss. The volunteers were divided into three groups. One group was kept as a control, the second group had to use lotions and shampoos containing caffeine, an ingredient known to stimulate hair growth, and a third group had to use lotions and shampoos containing fermented papaya and fermented mangosteen. After three months, those who had used fermented papaya and mangosteen products showed the most interesting improvements. Indeed, it was possible to observe a significant reduction in hair loss, an increase in hair density and thickness and an improvement in the health of the hair follicle. The benefits can be traced back to the ability of fermented fruits to normalize the skin microbiota and increase ATP in the hair follicle. ATP is the molecule that provides energy to cells and alopecia is associated with a reduction in ATP.

Rosehip oil against hair loss

The second research was published in the journal Preventive Nutrition and Foods Science by a Korean team, which analyzed the anti-hair loss action of rosehip oil (Truong et al, Prev Nutr Food Sci, 2023). The research took place in the laboratory on a population of mice with telogen effluvium. Well, the regular application of rosehip oil made it possible, in three weeks, to stimulate hair growth, favoring a fast and early passage of the hair follicle from the telogen phase, which is the final phase of the hair's life cycle, when the functions of the hair and follicle have ceased, to the anagen phase, which is the first phase of hair growth. The skin on the scalp also benefited from the treatment, appearing thicker and healthier.

Natural remedies against hair loss

Papaya and fermented mangosteen, but also rosehip oil, here are the new remedies against hair loss that are added to the list of natural products already known for the health and beauty of our hair. For example, rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, as does lavender essential oil. Pumpkin oil, which soothes scalp irritations and mitigates hair loss, and saw palmetto extracts, also used for benign prostate problems, have also proven useful. However, research continues to identify other beneficial and well-tolerated natural products.

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