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The poinsettia frees the air from toxins and brings magic into the home

The poinsettia frees the air from toxins and brings magic into the home

How many times have you snorted in front of the umpteenth Christmas Star that was given to you ... but we bet that from now on you will look at this little plant with different eyes. Why? Well, thanks to science and a legend that will bring magic in a moment. But let's understand better ...
The legend of the Christmas star was born a long time ago in a small town in Mexico. People rushed to look for a gift to bring to Jesus but there was a very poor little girl who had nothing to bring as a gift. The little girl began to cry disconsolately but her mother, who saw all, told her that anything given with the heart was better than many objects, perhaps even expensive, offered with indifference. The mother encouraged her daughter to go into the garden and collect the most beautiful twigs she could find. The little girl did just that and with her arms full of branches she reached the church where little by little the other people were arriving carrying their gifts. The little girl, a little hesitant, deposited the twigs on the ground and thought that they had been collected with all the love she had. As if by a miracle, the twigs that seemed lifeless became covered with wonderful red stars and bright green leaves, the twigs had become that plant we know as a poinsettia that from that day became a symbol of Christmas and unconditional love.
We have also mentioned scientific research on the poinsettia ... well, this plant is not only ornamental but it helps to improve the air of the house! The poinsettia, in fact, scientific name Euphorbia pulcherrima, is one of the plants studied by Dr. Wolverton in the 80s at the request of NASA. NASA had in fact commissioned a research aimed at understanding how plants could act on the environment by removing toxic substances. Wolverton found more than fifty plants able to remove pollutants in indoor air and poinsettia is among these plants since it is able to remove formaldehyde from environments (BC Wolverton, 1991). Formaldehyde is a substance classified as carcinogenic. It can be released from furniture, especially those made with plywood panels, from some types of parquet, carpet and insulating panels.
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